Friday, 17 April 2015

Ice tea needed

wearing: jumpsuit from forever 21, boots from river island, necklace from lanzarote, sunglasses from brighton.
 The weather has suddenly picked up incredibly here in Brighton (as you can see by the crazy blue skies) so I took the opportunity to head down to Hove beach front in the west of the city because cute dogs and pretty beach huts is a great combination on any day. I also decided it would be the perfect time to d├ębut my new jumpsuit which I recently picked up from Forever 21 online. I love how lightweight it is, so perfect for warm but not scorching hot days. I've always been a little bit skeptical of jumpsuits because being tall I find they are always too short on me but taking the plunge paid off (note to remember for the future: don't play safe) as this one is amazing and the pattern flings me completely away from black and white which is a definite plus.
I'm heading to Spain with my sister to visit my other sister tomorrow morning (hello 7am train to the airport) and I'm so freaking excited so expect instagrams galore (@katyferenczy if you were wondering), a photo/potential video diary and hopefully a handful of outfit photos.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Home and Away

wearing: top & jeans from topshop, bomber from bershka, hat from h&m, shoes from new look.
 The sun has really come out in the last couple of days and my favourite place to be at these times is home in Dorset. My village looks stunning when bathed in golden sunlight and don't even get me started on the beauty of Sandbanks/Bournemouth beach at sunset (voted 4th best beach in Europe you know). The other day my mum, my sister and I to a trip into town to go for a coffee (plus obligatory easter cake) and I couldn't resist taking photos on the green outside the 1000 year old minster church. It is honestly crazy how much history there is right outside my front door. I was still wearing a jacket and jeans because let's face it we still live in England but it felt great just to don my floppy hat for village strolls and good chats before I head back to Brighton and then onwards to Valencia in a week.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

The Sunday Files: Vol. 3

Time to amalgamate the best of the last seven days...

Reading: Clothes, Music, Boys. This book is the memoir of Viv Albertine who was the guitarist in the punk band The Slits. I didn't know much about her or the band before I read the book but I was recommended it and it was so interesting. It's mainly about her life growing up and she has befriended some cool people in her lifetime. I don't really know how else to explain it but just read it.

Listening: Tyler Oakley's Spotify playlist called Jams. This playlist is everything because its full of loads of songs I love and it means I don't have to make my own playlist (I'm lazy ok). It also has the bonus of allowing me to find new songs because everything he adds to this playlist I like.

Eating: On Friday I went to a dinner party at my friend Amy's house and she made chilli and HOMEMADE guacamole which was delicious! The on Saturday I went to Tortilla and because I'm a vegetarian I substituted the meat for guacamole (No extra charge yo!) and he gave me so much which just made me so happy. SO basically what I'm saying is I've eaten a lot of great guacamole.

Doing: Spending time at the beach a lot. I've been at home this past couple of weeks and whenever I come home I make a effort to go to Sandbanks or Bournemouth beach because they are just so pretty and it's so cool to live close to what is supposedly the best beach in the UK. I went to see the sunsets a couple of nights and honestly they may have been the prettiest ones I have ever seen.

Loving: Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine nail polish in Prickly Pear. It is such a gorgeous pastel purple/lavender colour so it is perfect for the spring season we are currently having. I can't wait to wear it on my toes (and probably fingers too let's be real) when I go to Spain in a weeks time!

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Dodie Clark // Youtubers

Today is Dodie Clark's 20th birthday and it made me realise that I had never featured her on my blog and that was a big mistake that needed to be rectified. I've been watching Dodie from the very beginning and it is crazy to see how people my age can be so talented. I mean her voice is so unique and her original songs are the kind that can create entire worlds in your mind. It's a truly magical combination when combined with how much of a sweetheart she is. I got the chance to meet her before Christmas in Brighton and honestly it was like meeting an old friend. She made me laugh a lot as we escaped the cold by pretending we could afford to shop in Urban Outfitters.
The Youtube community is such that the content creators are usually somewhat older than me but most of the audience is a lot younger so I often feel stuck in the middle, especially as have watched or even known some youtubers for years. Dodie is a welcome bridge to that gap which is why I find her so easy to binge watch...that and I like to dance around to her ukulele covers.
You really need to watch her if you never have before and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dodie. Keep rocking even though you are no longer a teenager.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Easter Weekend Beauty

Coming home for Easter and lying around the house means pretty minimal makeup for me but I have been wearing a few bits because lack of sleep and a lot of chocolate has not made for the prettiest face days.
Firstly, I recently bought the Max Factor Facefinity foundation because after many months I finally decided that the Rimmel Wake Me Up WAS too pink for my skin. I have the colour 45 warm almond and it a great match for my skin whilst it is untouched by sun. The formula is creamy and light but gives a really good level of coverage and the yellowy undertones helps to brighten up the skin.
I have also been reaching for my Max Factor colour corrector stick for undereye circles which is an amazing banana concealer that completely neutralises the purple bags that have been building under my eyes. (Just a note it also works really well on dark areas left behind by spots). The formula takes a bit of blending into the skin but layered under foundation it gives a really natural finish.

On to mascara, I have had a lot of trouble in this area because I have extremely hooded eyes combined with long up-curled eyelashes. This means that I ALWAYS get mascara transfer all up under my eyebrows which is never a good look. I've seen a lot of beauty gurus saying this Max Factor Clump Defy mascara is dry but I think that is why it works well for me. I still have a little transfer at the end of the day but it is a hell of a lot better than any other mascara I have used.
Finally for a bit of fun I painted my nails with Revlon's polish in 271 Extravagant which is a metallic medium/dark pink. There was no reason for this I just thought the colour was cute.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

The Sunday Files: Vol. 2

Time to amalgamate the best of the last seven days...

Reading: Woman's Fitness because I really need the motivation to work out at the moment, I think being home and so away from the uni gym may be a large contributing factor. This magazine is great because it mixes easy workouts, healthy foods and cute workout gear (I feel like this is the most important part of working out).

Listening: Moules Frites by Stromae. I've never really listened to much music from artists who don't sing in English but Stromae's French rapping/electronic music is one of the most infectious things I have listened to. I keep searching for any tour dates he is doing in the UK and he is playing Wireless this year so I am so tempted to go.

Eating: So many mini eggs. Enough said.

Doing: Last Thursday I took a trip to Bath to go to the Thermae Spa with my sisters because we were all in need of some relaxation. It was such a lovely day and eating chocolate cheesecake in a spa robe is essentially a dream come true.

Loving: The TV show The Flash. I'm so bad with keeping up with TV shows as I just forget and then the episodes build up on me. This week I've been at home on Easter break so I took a day to catch up with the rest of season and it was incredible. I have such a crush on Grant Gustin who plays Barry Allen now.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

March Instagrams

It's that time of the month again so let's recap my month via the medium of highly edited instagram photos. Let me warn you this month I have a lot.

1) Things I bought/was gifted by mum when she came to stay right at the end of February.
2) Frolicking around on the South Downs in one of my favourite dresses, celebrating the sunshine.
3) I discovered some new colourful streets at the beginning of the month and so I took a lot of pictures of them.
4) I worked hard at uni during March so copious cups of green tea in cute mugs was needed.
5) The Clo Clothes pop up shop in Brighton was the cutest and I can't wait to wear these handmade shorts when I go to Spain at the end of April.
6) I hiked 10 miles to a cute village one Saturday and these flowers were everywhere,
7) Mint green house of my dreams.
8) A lot of trips to Beyond Retro occurred this month, I'm still looking for the perfect pair of flairs though.
9) I blogged about pink beauty things I'm loving for spring, feauturing Taylor's Vogue shoot.

1) I started to really miss summer during March so I had a #tbt to summers spend surfing in Cornwall.
2) Brighton is so damn cute all the time.
3) I found the roadtrip van I've always wanted. Can it be mine please?
4) In March I discovered an amazing home shop in Brighton called Workshop (Thank you Suzie of HelloOctober).

1) The sun appeared a bit during March and it just makes everything a bit prettier.
2) In the middle of the month I finally braved the streets of Brighton for a solo outfit shoot.
3) I spend a lot of quality time in March with my three cacti: Ed, Edd and Eddy (props to you if you get that reference!).
4) Pretty houses and cars is a frequent occurrence where I live but I can't help but always instagram them.
5) I gave up chocolate and sweets for lent but I had to get my sugar kick somewhere so I chose salted caramel and peanut butter cupcakes from cloud 9 bakery.
6) At the end of the month I spent a weekend with a friend who lives in Hertford and she took me to a really cute cafe/restaurant. The soup was to die for!
7) We then stumbled into a tree tunnel that looked like it came straight out of the Maleficent set when we went on a country walk.
8) We spend a lot of time by the river duck spotting so I had to document how pretty it looked.
9) Finally on the last day of the month we went on a country walk to this sculpture called the egg which Sarah proceeded to climb and pester me to take a picture of her. I happily obliged when her silhouette looked this good.